This is our guest artist section. Featured here is a range of articles written by a selection of artists at various stages of their career, to provide an insight into professional illustration.

Yeshwanth Pulijala – A student of visualisation

Yeshwanth-PulijalaWith a strong educational background already in Health Sciences (Bachelors in Dentistry and Masters in Human Anatomy) Yeshwanth writes about his experiences about what made him change his career path as a dentist to now studying a Masters in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy, Glasgow University. You can view Yeshwanth’s work here on his site too.

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Student of 3D Visualisation

Belal Kamel Abdalsalam, M.B.B.CH, MSc – A General Surgery and looking to study medical illustration

belal-medical-illustrator-in-trainingBelal Kamel Abdalsalam, M.B.B.CH, MSc in General Surgery, from Egypt and is currently working in Saudi Arabia. Belal initially contacted us via email for advice on becoming a medical illustrator and whether it was an achievable prospect. We were delighted to support Belal and we invited him to our studio to give him a professional insight to medical illustration.

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Becoming a Medical Illustrator: A Surgeon’s Story

Karl Whiteley – A professional illustrator using the pen and ink medium

Karl-Whiteley-Portrait-PhotoKarl Whiteley is a professional illustrator working in pen and ink with a studio in Bristol. Karl produces beautifully hand drawn illustrations in pen and adds his own humour to create original designs as cards, wedding invitations and bespoke printed T-Shirts with his own designs.

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Working as a professional artist: Karl’s own unique style:

Joanna Culley, BA(hons) MMAA RMIP IMI AMI – A professional medical artist working in the UK

Joanna-Culley-medical-artist.comJoanna Culley is the lead Medical and Scientific Illustrator & founder of She draws anatomy from life by using the studio’s skeleton and various anatomical models in her studio to always be able to interpret and better understand form, texture and perspective.

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What is a medical artist?

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