Culley_breast-reconstructionThe purpose of this web site is to act as a source of information regarding being a professional artist, primarily within the medical and scientific fields.  

To provide useful information for those already involved in, or for those who want to learn more information about how to become a professional medical or scientific artist.

The site also aims to provide interesting content and articles featuring some guest artist’s outside of the profession so that an all rounded view can be gathered.


It is not looking to be the only source of information, and it will rely on involvement fromSketch-to-colour-Culley those in the profession outside of the UK. This is because the site is UK based so understanding an artist’s training in the UK for example, varies to that within the U.S.A.

That said, the aim is to source as much world wide information as possible. To provide useful links, to have feature artists and contain useful topics and direction about where to find further information.

A useful resource and some enlightenment into the wonderful medical and scientific art profession!

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